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December 26, 2009


Aqua vitae - water of life. National drink of Scandinavia.
Spirit made of grains or potatoes and flavoured with caraway or/and dill. Min. 37.5 % abv.

We have two favorites which we drink twice a year, at midsummer and at Christmas. Both are members of a 18-product-family, marketed under the name Reimersholm.

Herrgårds Aquavit: (my personal favorit)
Besides caraway and dill, this has also some parts of Whisky and got additional complexity and flavours through maturation in old Sherry casks. At the same time it is mild in taste. 40% abv. Careful!

O.P. Andersson:
Sweden's oldest (116 yrs) and most sold sort. Caraway, anis, fennel give intensive flavour. 40% abv.
Again: Careful!

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