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December 17, 2009

Chianti Classico Brolio Ricasoli

2007 Chianti Classico DOCG, Brolio, Barone Ricasoli ♥♥♥+
115 SEK

Tuscany, Italy.
Made primarily from Sangiovese, Italy's signature grape.
Full-bodied red wine, with good acidity. Rich black cherry nose with earthy tones, found also on the palate. Plenty of tannins, but not at all too challenging, though somewhat more so than other Chiantis we have tried. Good length. Enjoy it now, or save it for some years.
13.5 % abv.

Very nice to match with food, like steaks, stews of red meet, lamb. As this wine has a good acidity, it is a nice partner for aromatic dishes with fine vinaigrettes (well... think Italian food!).
We had it together with a very tasteful machésallad (Feldsalat in German) that had a mild, aromatic Doktorenhof vinaigrette, roasted bacon and onions plus champignons. A home made garlic-herb-butter baguette completed the serving. And we were all happy. (Kids drink mineral water.)

Previous years of this wine have achieved lots of prices and points at famous and not so famous wine ratings.
Ricasoli is not really a small winery: total some 970 ha, including 200 ha around the castle 'Brolio' alone and some areas of non-vines. It has a long, long history though and it is fascinating to read about all the investments they have done under the recent decades. The good thing: this wine can be bought in many places on this globe. Read more and see the beautiful pictures at:

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