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December 15, 2009

Elise Lebkuchen

Yesterday I received a package with the mail. From Germany. From my best (since we were 12 yrs old) friend Geli (Angelika). We had been on the phone some 3 days ago and I mentioned how I was missing the REAL 'Lebkuchen'. Elise. The one and only. Whoops - here they came! I love you Geli and will enjoy every little bite of them. for you who want to learn more about this old, old German traditional speciality.
Of course they are at their best served with Glühwein, but they are just as good with a nice warm cup of coffee. Time to start the machine!


  1. Hmmm.....don't these fall into the category of refined grains that aren't allowed in your home? :-) Christmas is an exception, I'm sure! :-)))))
    Nice friend you have! :-)

  2. Yes! You caught me! Ok: exceptional times... :-)) Kram