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December 25, 2009

A nearly tasteless X-mas day

I have got a cold!
What a timing!
Taste buds numb!
At Christmas!
Good thing, we did it the Swedish way with serving (to the Swedish X-mas food) aquavit , which is strong enough and has spices enough to come through somehow. Any wine would have been a pure waste. And my Ginger Balsamvinegar, which I am drinking to take the edge off the cold. That has so much flavour - no cold hard enough for this one! (Actually, this is a wonderful ingredient in spicy, Asian or other exotic dishes - it is absolutely unfair to only use it against colds, even though it helps a lot!)

Yesterday I started my tasting of Pol Roger Champagne, but it got meaningless to continue. Good thing I have this r-e-a-l tight champagne bottle stopper. I think, I will be able to still enjoy it tomorrow, even if it won't be at its very best longer. (And I would not offer it to guests anymore...- so do not worry)

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