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December 15, 2009

Riesling Brut Kassner-Simon

Riesling Brut Kassner-Simon ♥♥♥
ca 12 €
Pfalz, Germany

Extremely fresh, crisp, appley, clean. Dry (brut=0-15 g sugar). Nice small bubbles, through the traditional method (klassische Flaschengärung = 2:nd fermentation took place in THIS bottle and the wine remained for at least 9 months on its lees).
As mentioned before, I love sparkling wine and here is one that I really like. But I am not alone: it got the gold medal of the 'DLG' (read below), one of Germany's best in 2004. Actually, sparkling wine is usually at its best when leaving the winery and should be enjoyed soon. But, I was lucky with this 'older' bottle - it was still in good shape! :-)
A wonderful girl-friend wine. Just drink it as it is! And chat along. Skype anybody?
Food: of course the classical smoked salmon canapé - old but always perfect! The saltiness will go just nice with the crisp acidity! Hard cheeses will do fine, too.

The winery is rather small (ca 15 ha), family-owned and situated in picturesque Freinsheim, a city with old stonewalls from the medieval age. for further information. They even have a nice, ****-hotel by the way.

from the DLG website: The DLG’s German wine awards are the only official wine awards at national level. Only wines that have previously passed the Official Examination and won a Regional Award can be submitted for testing. Experts test the wines from all growing areas in Germany. The wines are first rendered “incognito”. Depending on the score achieved, the wines can win a DLG Medal in Bronze, Silver or Gold.Wines and sparkling wines that score top marks in the assessment compete with each other again in a supplementary sensory test. The winners receive the top prize Award in Gold Extra (TOP 50 wines).

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