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December 16, 2009

Snälleröds Glögg

Snälleröds Glögg ♥♥+
Organically grown grapes and spices are used for this Swedish Glögg (a form of mulled wine). It has 15% abv, which is achieved through adding spirits (i.e. aquavit, vodka...).
It includes the typical christmas spices, like cinnamon, cloves, ginger (they do not tell it all) and is sweetened with acacia honey. Ca 75 SEK It is not as sweet as some other brands and
reminds me little of German glühwein.
Served warm (not to be boiling, while heating up) in small cups or glasses together with peeled almonds and raisins. Typically together with Swedish gingerbreads (pepparkakor).

It spreads this lovely aroma of sweet spices through the house and makes everyone feel warm at heart.

Nice to have around Christmas after a long walk along the wintry beach, where the winds are bloooowing. But: you don't have to walk the beaches before drinking this.

If you live outside Sweden and close by a Ikea store, you most likely can buy some glögg made by this company. Read more:

Typically, when served at daytime or at public places like Christmas-markets here in Sweden, you will find glögg without alcohol. That is of course considerably lighter in body :-).


  1. We made ours with a (giant) bottle of Merlot, Absolut Vodka, Red Vermouth and spices. YUMMY!

  2. Mmmmh, sounds yummy! Is it cold enough there -or do you serve it on the rocks? *giggle*