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December 14, 2009

vinum diligo

My husband Lars and I love to share a good glass of wine. We are no wine snobs and we are not really following any standards (which we hardly ever do anyway), in terms of 'important names, years, etc'. Rather we are exploring the wine-world at own terms, just loving to enjoy what's in the glass. Taking advantage though of the knowledge I was allowed to gather through my wonderful teachers at the Gustibus sommelier school in Malmö. for you who want to know more.

Our first common favorite grape variety was and is: Riesling. Lars was always a Chianti (a wine style, not a grape variety) fan, I was never 'in to the reds'. Since our trip to South Africa his 2nd favorite green grape is Chenin Blanc.

My past was firmly and consequently filled with sparkling wine. I love sparkling wine.

Before I got married, I used to have a job and with that I had 'Feierabend', the end of the working day. I also had some real fun girl-friends and we all had cabriolets. After work - for us that was a (or two) glass(es) of sparkling wine at the pub. Further, we would NEVER visit one another without the host opening a bottle of sparkling (no matter the hour of the day). Good Riesling Sekt from either Schloss Wachenheim or, more and more so with time, from a nice smaller producer somewhere along the Weinstrasse. Did I mention, I grew up in the Pfalz?

Back to the sparkling: I thought we were special. Nope. Germany consumes almost 25% of the world's total volume of sparkling wine, so you can read on different statistical internet-pages.

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