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January 06, 2010

Azabache, Rioja

Back in Sweden we were invited right away. Good to have friends everywhere! :-) Cattis (Catherine) and Mats have become very close friends to us and they are - both - excellent cooks. We have had the pleasure of sharing many good meals at their home. They love Spanish and Italian wines - like many other Swedes do. This time we were served a Rioja:

Azabache Crianza* 2006, organic
Vinedos de Aldeanueva, Rioja DOCa, Spain
79 SEK

A lighter-medium bodied, dry red wine with redblue colour. Nose and palate is red-fruity, spicy, some oaky vanilla. Tannins are detectable, but are not pronounced. Feels young and simple, easy to drink. Good for organic-lovers. 14% abv.
I have read about their Culto-wines, awarded with Mundus Vini Gold medal, and am curious to try one of those. The producer is an association of different growers, with beginnings in the 1950s. Today they aim for 13 mill bottles of wine / year. Go to the website and see some nice pictures of the surroundings!

* Crianza=ageing. As a Spanish wine-style it tells you that the wine was aged for at least 2 years before it was sold, with a minimum of 6 months in oak barrels - Rioja even 12 months, before bottled.
To this wine we were served nice food! Look what a cute welcoming sign at the door, done by the son, William:

A wonderful mushroom soup with 'tratt kantereller' (Cantharellus tubaeformis)

And a chicken dish with hearty aromas of fried bacon, some avocados and good spices.

Pictures taken with my new iphone, not enough light.. sorry... :-)

Thank you Mats and Cattis! We'll be back!

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