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January 14, 2010

Bonterra Chardonnay, USA

2007 Chardonnay, Mendocino County,
California, USA
Bonterra Vineyards
135 kr
Light yellow color, little sparkle of green. I smell ripe apple, fudge (I mean really like at the fudge-place we once visited in northern MI), citrus. Flavours of ripe apple and pear, pineapple, citrus flood the palate and show the dry wine's full-bodied character. I feel almost buttery texture. Tannins of the oak and the acidity are softly teasing my gums. After that a kind, very gentle bitterness and a rather long aftertaste. Nice balance! 13,5 % abv. 93% Chardonnay, 6% Muscat, 1% Roussanne. (20% of the wine was done in stainless steel (keeping the fruityness), 80% in oak (adding the secondary aromas/flavours), partially gone through malolactic fermentation.)
Bingo! EXACTLY what I wanted to have today. I am happy with my choice and looking forward to serve it to the food, which will be fish with a buttery, creamy sauce.

Bonterra (=good earth) is the name of organic winemaking since 1987, check the website for further information and for nice pictures. Somewhere I read it is a Fetzer-owned company. Fetzer was the first Chardonnay that I got to drink when moving to the US quite some years ago. I had it together with the realtor that had found that beautiful home for us. I did not really like that particularly glass of wine (too much oak - it was 1997 - as a shock to me, coming from Riesling-land), but I will sometimes buy Fetzer (today's style with moderate oak) for reminiscing... How glad did I get when I understood the connection here! :-)

Mendocino lies north of San Francisco and belongs to the areas where some of the best US wines originate from...

how fitting.... my corkscrew that we got at the sommelier school...

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