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January 20, 2010

Clay Station Viognier, USA

Clay Station Viognier 2008
Delicato, Lodi, California, USA
99 kr
Light yellow color. A perfume-bloomy (orangeblossom and jasmin) scent, peachy and tropical notes also found on the palate. Good acidity. Dry. Medium-bodied. 13.5 % abv. 100% Viognier. Nice balance. Want more.
Clay Station is the name of the vineyards, named after a stagecoach stop during the Gold Rush and lies in the Lodi foothills of the Sierra Nevada. Go to the website for some wonderful nature photos. (I need to show my husband who is a passionate bird photographer...)

From the company's website: "Clay Station wines are crafted for the adventurous wine drinker. Created from rare and difficult-to-grow grape varietals, Clay Station wines capture the flavors of New World winemaking with classic Old World grape varietals." I could not have said it better, so I decided to just copy and paste the text.

Let me confirm that is exactly how I kind of felt: adventurous! Drinking a wine from the new world which is made of an old grape variety that originates from the Rhone valley in France and that is hardly known to the average consumer. And the best of it: we really liked it! These scents of blossoms..... It felt like spring was knocking on the door (but, nope, all still very white outside...)

This wine fits to aromatic fish and white meat dishes, to sweet-and-sour inspired food, duck with orange, sallads.... We had it with grilled chicken, croquettes and a good winter salad.

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