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January 14, 2010

Cod in creamy sauce

The meal to the Bonterra Chardonnay: Cod in a creamy sauce.
In a sauté pan, I softly fried some garlic and onions in olive oil. Before those got brown, I added some Cleopatra vinegar (balsamic kind, dark) to caramalize it all. Then I added some whitewine vinegar (Doktorenhof Weisser Burgunder) to add liquid and acidity, flavours. To that came a little of the same wine we were going to drink. Then I put the cod (in bits) in and let it simmer for a while, before I added some cream, some lemon slices and some cocktail tomatoes. Then seasoned it all with salt and freshly ground pepper and put some small slices of butter in between. When the fish started to fall apart, I served it with green beans (because the peas in the freezer turned out to be beans instead) and some bulgur. (You note that I like to use butter, cream, oil... and thus I am avoiding white rice or potatoes, using Bulgur instead and eating even very little of that, actually.)

What can I say? The wine and the food were made for each other. That's how simple it is.

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