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January 16, 2010

Duca Sanfelice, Italy

Cirò Rosso Riserva DOC Duca Sanfelice 2004,
Librandi, Calabria, Italy
14 €
Dark red color of lighter intensity. Nose: dark fruit, some dried fruit, leather, spicy (like allspice kind-of). Palate: dark fruit, spicy. The tannins are soft. Nice acidity. Structure dominates through a distinct bitterness, as I perceive it. Medium bodied. Definitely a drink-to-food wine. 13,5 % abv. 100% Gaglioppo.

Cirò DOC is the most known wine of Calabria, the region that lies in the south of Italy. The grape variety is very old and is believed to have come to Italy through the ancient Greeks. Click the link above to read more... The company Librandi is family-owned, but still not too small. :-) 2.2 mill bottles only in 2005. 20% of their exports go to Germany, which seems their biggest export market, but they are in many different countries... (info from their website)

The wine is made for hearty food, like roasts and dark meats. We tested it with lasagna and it worked fine for us. Bruschetta as a little starter. Tomatoes, marinated in salt, sugar & Cleopatra vinegar, loaded on toasted bread that had gotten some garlic 'massage' and had been 'sprinkled' with oliv oil. Decorated with some basil.Well... everybody has got their own lasagna recipe, right?

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