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January 11, 2010

email from the White House

Today I got mail from the White House!
After having read that the Obamas have a considerable stock of wine at their private home, I sent an email to the White House to ask about the President's and First Lady's favorite wine style. I am totally aware of that they will not be able to name their No. 1 winery (aha?), but I am still hoping to hear what k-i-n-d of wines they prefer. But, unfortunately, the reply I received was not about wine (maybe just not yet?)....
Keep up the hope. I mean, hello..., we were standing there, while visiting DC a few months ago, admiring Mrs Obama's veggie garden. Our children (same ages as Sasha and Malia) have read the book of collected letters from children to the President.

nice lawn!

healthy veggies!

very cute book!
Of course we need to complete our files with the Obama wine favorites! Even nicer would be to share a glass with them, talk about wine and life (no politics pls).

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