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January 10, 2010


What a service! Thom from Ohlssons Ost in Kristianstad delivered 1.2 kg of Raclette cheese to my door, yesterday. I skipped driving in to town - how nice (and good) was that?!

Valais Raclette Cheese. Semi-hard, made after old, old traditions from unpasteurized cow milk.
Very aromatic.

Being nice to the guests, I sliced it for everybody - just minutes before they arrived.

All set. Ready to go. Not on the photo are all the different pickels, ham, potatoes... The meats and pinapples we grilled on the top rack. The spatulas are being set in under that and grilled from top.

While the real traditional Swiss way was/is to melt the cheese over the open fire, we use this more 'modern' kind of raclette grill. Everybody gets their own little spatula which is individually filled with cheese, pickels, onions, hams, shrimps, pineapple or whatever you like to serve. (The original way, it is served with potatoes only.) A nice conversation piece! :-) But even if you have guests where you have enough topics to share, it is nice to keep busy and as you eat slow, you really get to indulge in it. It is essential to use the right cheese, because you do not want it to seperate when melting and you do not want to have lack of aromas...

Best wines to go with this are white wines with good acidity, sparkling wines, Champagnes. If you insist on red, then pick a not too heavy wine and with good acidity. Italian or some nice Pinot Noir as an example.

I picked Riesling - of course. ☻


  1. Heike, I love your post! I think we're friends at the OpenWine Consortium, too. You helped answer this specific question about which would be the best wine to go with Raclette. Great!

  2. Looks great! I especially like the presentation. Very nice! We've been thinking about getting a fondue set or Raclette.....which do you think?
    And if Raclette, which brands do you recommend?

  3. Still learning the blog-commenting thing... did wrong before, hope it works out right now.

    hotTamale: Yes, it was your raclette entry that made me longing for it :-).

    Lena: You should have both :-) fondue and raclette. Maybe you start with one at a time, though and in that case I'd recommend the raclette as it gives for more variations. (Although the fondue can be used for chocolate fondue, too...) Brand: we have Tefal and are very happy with it. Has good power to grill the meats/sausages on the top plate. There are certainly other good brands too - but stay away from no-name cheap ones, I'd say.

    Happy racletting everybody!