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January 24, 2010

Sunday afternoon

Walk done (despite the wind biting our faces), cat litter box cleaned, washing machine and dish washer up and running. Now, finally..., we get to focus at the more pleasant reasons of being around. Food & wine.

Some nice lazy morning reading about Bourgogne and it's wines made me really longing for some Pinot Noir, which is my favorite black grape variety and especially Bourgogne has become one of the targets I want to learn more about, since having scratched the surface @ school. Having said this, that does not mean we did not learn enough at Gustibus!, rather than that it is such a big topic that one can only learn and comprehend through time and years... and wines tasted, of course. The article was in Swedish, by the way, and can be found here.

However, I have one bottle in the basement, which cost around 300 sek, that I had bought before Christmas. But getting that stupid cold kept me from opening it. And today I have to admit I am still to greedy and won't open it. Feels like we need to have a more special occasion or some nice friends around... So, we'll have to wait a little longer for this discovery. And yes: I might be regretting, what if I get run over by a truck tomorrow and never got to taste it.... Living today, right! Hm... the longer I am thinking....

But no, it does not feel right today (you gotta be tough to yourself sometimes) and there are many other nice wines in the world and no reason to be sad. Always look at the bright side of life (think Life-of-Brian melody now).

Today, we will be having a Zinfandel from the U.S. and I will share it with you later on. Starting up the roulades now...

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