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January 19, 2010

Wine in moderation

Writing about wine makes you think...

To me, wine is the completion of a nice meal. Only water to any nice food gets boring and somewhat tasteless. Soft drinks are not excisting at our home and even juices have too much sugar to be consumed on a regularly base. Most important: they would just plainly not fit most of the meals.

But, introducing new wines on a regular base could give the impression of us being drunk all the time :-). And no: we are not sitting here, tasting the wines and spitting it. We are enjoying it. But just to set the records straight, I wish to outline, that we will have our wine in connection with food and at moderate levels.

I have understood, since living in Sweden (just having moved in here, and one lady being shocked about us having a glass of Riesling that evening - now that summer vacation time was over), that talking (how about writing then?) about wine is easily misinterpreted. Because we have different backgrounds and therefore tend to draw different conclusions. Many people will not drink wine to the food during the weekdays, but they will 'compensate' at weekends. (Some journalist once called it 'Kamikaze-drinking', I thought that was fun!) Why do many people need a white month after the holidays? How much are you drinking to be needing a white month? And how much are you drinking once the white month is over (and you had been so good)? Just wondering...

So! I was glad to find this programme: Wine in moderation . Here, it is nicely put together, what is drinking too much (as in becoming a risk for your health) but it also explaines the benefits of wine. I like the balance!

Besides... Have you ever heard a 100 year old person answering the question of what she did to get so old, with saying: I never drank any wine in my whole life?

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