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February 09, 2010


So!, it is getting serious: We are now trying to plan a trip to beautiful Andalusia. Since doing the 'Spanish Wine Education' programme last fall (I will be writing more about this later on...), I have been stuck with the idea of visiting that historical land and luckily, succeeded to infect my husband with the bug...

NOW my job is to get together a trip that will suit 2 children that care about nothing other than a nice pool (not quite true, our son of 9 years wants to become an architect and is curious to see the Alhambra ☺). For a husband that is getting his Canon ready to get some wonderful nature shots in to that one. And for a wine lover (that would be me) that needs to get out to Sherry-land but also to 'other' wineries.

Problem: where to start?! I have been browsing the internet for 3 hours now and not really gotten that very far... But, at least, I have found the places I do not want to stay at. No huge 500 room hotel, yikes! But still, quality - that is a must.

If anyone of you readers happens to have any kind of advice for me, please leave a comment. As thank, I promise a nice photo from one of the great sites of Andalusia and some nice wine descriptions. (I know, it would be more interesting to get a bottle of wine...)

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