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February 02, 2010

Cheese & Wine tasting, last Friday

Place: Kristianstad
Arranged by Munskänkarna (the world's largest wine drinking club, will be explained later in this blog)

6 cheeses & 6 wines + 2 sweet wines

The Cheeses

presented by Thom (the very nice raclette-man in my earlier entry)

French, from the Loire Valley, Chavignol is situated near Sancerre, unpasteurized goat's milk, fresh taste with citrus aromas, read more
1. Crottin de Chavignol

2. Tome Basque
French, from Pays Basque (south-west of F), pasteurized cow's milk, buttery, nutty, eaten when fresh
3. Comté St. Antoine
French, from the Jura, cow's milk, best between 4 - 24 months, nutty taste that gets more intensive the closer you get to the wax (which is not edible), flavours of hazelnuts, salt, spicyness

4. Rossa Kittost Oviken (instead of Éspoisses de Bourgogne)
Swedish, from Jämtland, hard cheese from cow's milk, only 20% fat, but has a full taste that goes towards Münster cheese

5. Monte Enebro
Spanish, from Avila, made of pasteurized goat's milk, strong taste, is treated with Roquefort-cultures on the outside (but is not considered a blue-cheese)

6. Stilton
English, the classical blue cheese from cow's milk

The Wines
presented by Kaj Björk, President of the local chapter of the Munskänkarna

1. Les Belles Dames, Sancerre, Gitton - 149 SEK
Sauvignon Blanc, nose: asparagus, gras, gooseberry, palate: pear, citrus. Very dry, crisp, high acidity, light-bodied.

2. Kimmeridgien, J M Brocard, Bourgogne - 99 SEK
Chardonnay, nose and palate: mineral, citrus, light-bodied. Dry, high acidity.

3. Pinot Gris Reserve, Bestheim, Alsace - 93 SEK
nose and palate: champignion!, honey and apple. Medium-bodied. Dry, with residual sugar, which gives a rounder and fuller taste.

4. Finca Valpiedra, Rioja, Martínez Bujanda - 144 SEK
Tempranillo (mostly), nose and palate: spicy, plum, vanilla. Nice soft tannins. Good acidity. Medium-bodied.

5. Chianti Classico Rocca Guicciarda Riserva, Barone Ricasoli - 139 SEK
Sangiovese, nose and palate: dark cherries, chocolate, herbal. High acidity. Soft tannins. Structure dominates.

6. Amarone della Valpolicella, Italy - 168 SEK
Corvina, rondinella, molinara, nose and palate: dried fruit, dark cherry, licroise. Alcohol (=15% abv). Medium-fullbodied. High acidity.

(sorry, not in picture above:)
7. Moulin Touchais, Coteaux du Layon - 209 SEK
Chenin Blanc, nose: developed, marzipan/almondpaste, so good, so good - I can still feel it today! Sweet wine with nice acidity.

8. Fonseca Bin 27 - 139 SEK
Port wine with a wonderful nose of spices, dried fig and dark berries...chocolate on the palate... 20% abv makes you drink it care-f-f-ully

The notes of cheeses and wines are incomplete. Because I was too busy being social (you gotta have some fun) to be able to write it all down. The information that does appear, is a mixture from what was given in paper form and what made some kind of impact on me. Most important to me was to go home with some new inspiration regarding: which combination do I like so much to want to have it again. Mission completed:

The Combinations
my personal favorites were:

Les Belles Dames with Crottin de Chavignol
(easy one, both from the same region, which often gives a safe result)

Pinot Gris Reserve with Tome Basque, Comté St. Antoine, Ovikens Kittost
(this wine really matched most cheeses in consistens/body and aromas, flavours - a safe bet)

Port and Stilton
(how boring old fashioned I can be... but some classics just remain good and true)

Moulin Tochais was my top-favorite of the evening - although I do not usually prefer sweet wines! It was so good, I never tasted any of the cheeses with it, just did not want to disturb the world of aromas and flavours it had taken me to. But I can imagine that the Comté would fit.

The red wines: I did not find THE combination here (although I do really like Chianti and many Spanish wines), possibly the Amarone with the Stilton (although I think that wine fits best with dried hams and salami)?
My nice friend's facit:
Så ska man ha det när man har det som sämst.
(That's how life should be when at it's worst)

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