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February 01, 2010

Laroche Chardonnay, Bourgogne

Laroche Bourgogne Chardonnay
Barrique Réserve 2008
99 SEK

Light yellow color. Not too intensive a nose of (green) apple, pear, citrus (maaaybe some hidden tropical fruit, but....) and buttery notes. Palate: apple, citrus, nutty. Dry. High acidity. Nice smooth tannins from the barrel ageing. To me this is a medium-bodied wine (lable says full-bodied). A good, decent aftertaste.

I bought this wine together with the American Bonterra chardonnay - which I actually prefer to this one. To me, this wine here is rather "simple". I feel the fruit is too weak to stand up against the structure of the wine, so I do not see it having ageing potential either. But! I guess, for 99 SEK it is a good way to get a Burgundy.
We had this wine with salmon and a tasty, buttery mustard-dill-wine-sauce and it fit ok. Had I tried the wine beforehand, it would not have been my first choice to the creamy sauce, the Bonterra would have been a better match for just this dish. But it will go very well with fish dishes and seafood platters, fresh sallads.....

Laroche: I could not find any data-facts on their website, but agents all over the world. I could not even find this wine on their web. Maybe it is too late into the evening and maybe you will have more luck:

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