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February 07, 2010

My wines tasted / how I choose and buy

My wines tasted is a new page under 'Collections' in the menu to the right. To keep track of the wines I got and will get to taste along with this blog, I am archiving them on a separate list.

How do I pick my wines? Well... as I am so new to this whole world, I basically go along the shelves of the stores and look at the labels. Here at the monopoly they are organized after prices and then countries. I will mostly go to the shelves around 100 sek, that is where I believe it is getting interesting and still affordable. There may be some wines around 80 kr too, but then you need to know those. I still believe that many are plainly boring and mainstream. A Swedish winemaker (who has chosen to live outside Sweden since making wine :-) once said: 'Buy cheap, buy sh..t'. And I cannot agree more. I would rather not drink any wine before buying a 3 liters bag-in-box for ca 12€. Yes, and when I am at that around 100 sek price level shelf, I will look after the country - depending what I was out after in the first place. I am still picking wines to help me develop my 'nose' and 'palate' - real practice for the time after wine school, so to say. So, I am still training the grapes and regions, if you will say. To start looking into vintages will be next on my list, but I am taking it slow. I understand that I am still at the beginning and that there is no end in sight :-). Which is probably what makes it so fascinating!

And as I am trying to make up my own mind about wines, I do as rule # 1 avoid all the Mr and Mrs Importants that are telling me their points of views. Much rather I will like to read and hear what other wine-drinkers have to say. There is a difference between subjective opinion and rating-gurus. The first one much more of interest to me and allowing space for me to build my own taste around the wonderful drops. As soon as formulations become 'absolute' I get disturbed. Of course, there are the basic facts around a wine that can not be argued about. But the way a wine is perceived has to remain subjective.

But I will of course also read nice magazines, to learn about regions and winemakers.

The act of buying a wine to me is like buying nice clothes for other girls (ok, ok, I do that too sometimes...). I really do appreciate a nice atmosphere and can hold out looking at the wonderful shapes and labels for hours. I can often dream away, wondering about the people behind this bottle, the history of the land, the stories behind the old walls of many a winery could tell. (I can also get fascinated by very modern Spanish vineyards-architecture, of course.) But honestly: Strolling through a nice city and having to choose between a clothes-boutique or a wine-boutique - I'd clearly opt for number two (hoping to get back for clothes shopping some other time).

Of course, the nicest way to buy a wine is at the winery, but that you can only do when visiting the places. The 2nd nice way is to buy from the specialist store. People that have the deep knowledge about their area/areas. 2nd hand information, if you'd like. Last option in the 'free world' is the supermarkets that can have good and less good portfolios. These 3 options do not exist for a Swedish resident - not without traveling abroad, I mean. We are limited to one option plus the internet, which seems to be a growing industry. You can even get to-the-door deliveries, if you live central. But most people that I speak to love to have a monopoly, many adore it and think that the people selling the wines are so 'good'. Hello?! Everybody selling a range of products is supposed to be good, that is why we buy from them - normally. In this case though it is so easy to be 'so good', because there is no competition! Who should measure? I find it plainly speaking disgusting, it goes against all my senses of personal freedom. That is why I appreciate it big times, having the chance to get to travel quite a bit and buy some wines that way, too. ☺

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