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March 14, 2010

100 Grad Oechsle Winetasting

Following up on yesterday's post:

It was fun! The technique worked very well, the stream was really good, sharp with clear picture and tone. I had problems with twitter though, which showed 'overcapacity' several times. But, since it was possible to make comments via fb as well, it was not a big deal.

It was amazing HOW fast time went by and the show was over. Good atmosphere, easy going, not too serious and a fast tempo - I like that!

Maybe I expected more wine analyzing, I did not really see it as a winetasting, but more as a wine-talkshow. Great fun and interesting themes! Particularly regarding all the wines being drunk too young...

I am sure there will be many more to come and I am sure TV will take on that kind of formate, too, they'll just have to!

Big compliment to Dirk Würtz & Team


  1. Hi Heike - I like your "follow me on Twitter" Where did you find it?

  2. Hello! :-) It comes under 'add gadgets' with the layout. (I did a search 'Twitter'). There are many different versions of it. But I need to correct mine, this scrollbars should not be there...