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March 24, 2010

Andalusia 3

We are zooming in on our upcoming trip... Some more pieces coming together.

Thanks to my education with the Spanish Wine Education programme, which I greatly enjoyed last fall, I got to meet Javier Arauz from New Spain Wines who was kind enough to send me some tips around Andalusia.

Traveling as a family, there needs to be a lot of not-wine-related to do, otherwise no one will want to ever go with me again... so key is to keep the balance!

The Andalucian horses show we understand this is a must!

Photo from the official website

La Alhambra - of course!

It was clear from the beginning that we will do Jerez and he gave me two bodegas to visit, hopefully, I will be writing about that later on.

Fun, that he sends us to Ronda as the 'new' very old wine producing area. Because this is not far from where we already had found a wonderful place to stay. Also in the area is:

Generally, we expect many great views.

Then there are several nature reservation areas, great for the family bird-photographer. (balance-husband)

And of course.... a pool... (balance-kids)

I am still impressed by how many sides there are to Andalusia and Spain in general. Always only traveled the islands before, except of course BCN and Lloret de Mar when much younger.

This is, I'd say, a great example of how the interest for wine really opens up new places and entire worlds to one all the time! The best: it never ends...

Stay tuned for Andalusia 4.

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  1. Nice - you will have a wonderful vacation! Can't wait to see pictures. Travel safe - många kramar!