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March 31, 2010

Andalusia day 3

WOW! I have finally taught myself how to blog from my IPhone! After having received a warning from my Swedish provider, that I was burning money, our hosts were nice enough to let me hook on to their wireless. Which will be great even for guests coming after us.

So right now I am sitting on their terrace enjoying a wonderful view at my phone. And when looking up, there is a beautiful landscape presenting itself. The sun is quite strong and I have taken off 2 layers, leaving me with one and no, it is not a bikini. But maybe it will be chances for that later on or down at the beaches.

Sorry, there is no photo yet, ( of the landscape, not the bikini) that will be the next step for me to figure out.

However! Costa del Sol is known for much of what is not appealing to us. That is why we have chosen a place in the interiors - and the area is truly beautiful. Closer to the beaches, the landscape is unfortunately being destroyed by buildings everywhere. The further in you get, the better it gets !

As we are higher up it is also a bit cooler, making some 3-5 degrees C. Which explains the layers...

The previous two days we have seen the white village of Casares and Ronda. Both really worth a trip! Houses, seemingly hanging in the mountains... A bit scary as we also have seenconsiderable road damages and washed down mountain areas due to the heavy and long winter rains.

Think, I better send this here now to see, if it really woeks before I continue.

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  1. Yay! Me want iPhone too!!! Glad to hear you are having such a nice time. Kram till er alla!