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March 23, 2010

Bellingham Chenin Blanc, South Africa

The Old Orchards Chenin Blanc 2009
Bellingham, Paarl, South Africa
99 sek (ca 10 €)

A dry white wine with straw yellow color. Rather oily appearance. Intense buttery and yeasty nose with pear aromas and hazelnuts. Medium-full bodied, with flavours of pear, hazelnuts and bitter tones. Very soft tannins from the barrel ageing. High acidity. Long, warming finish with ripen citrus notes. 14% abv. Chenin Blanc.

A nice alternative to an oaked Chardonnay.

I can't find this wine on the winery's website and wonder if it is produced for Sweden?

Bellinchamp, pretty fields, was the original name of Bellingham. A place that started with 1000 vines planted in 1693 by Dutch Gerrit Janse van Vuuren and his wife. Located in the Franschhoek valley, this winery has in 1956 marketed the first Shiraz in South Africa under its then owner, Podlashuk. A name found on a series of successful wines from Bellingham. The company today belongs to the DGB group producing some 4 mill cases of wine per year.

To learn more about the wonderful area of Franschhoek, click here.

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