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March 02, 2010

Feminalise - Wine tasting for Women only

Too bad, I have other plans, but maybe next time...?

April 22, in Beaune, the ♥ of Bourgogne, Féminalise, the 4th wine tasting for women only is about to take place. How fun!

" Women have become wine-lovers, 45% of them enjoy drinking wine. In France, 78% of women buy wine in supermarkets, in Germany, 70% and in the United States 80%. Doesn’t one say that women have the art and the talent to taste wine? "... so the website states. How true!
In 2009 2350 samples of French wine were tested. 33% of the wines get Gold-, Silver-, or Bronze medals. A sticker on the bottle, which will help other women to find a good wine when shopping at their local stores. I will start looking for those medals, when back in the Alsace area again...

Sad only, it is not so easy to find women around you that are interested in wine?


  1. In China, red wine is much more popular than white wine. But this may change in the future, as women start to consume more wine. Women prefer white wine, at least the Chinese women do. And you?

    I am not aware of any link to Johann Schiller, but who knows ...

  2. Funny... wouldn't one guess that the whites generally go better with the Chinese food? But then again, they probably do not drink it with the food, more as a social drink?

    I have always preferred whites: dry Rieslings. I still do. But, by getting wine-educated, I have come to love some of the reds too and now I am probably at 60(whites) /40(reds). Living in Sweden, where it is considerably colder year round than what it is at home, I have come away a bit from the bubble, which to me tastes best when warmer outside... (The Riesling Sekt)

    How about yourself: more German or more American wines? What is your favorie wine style?