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March 14, 2010

Kim Crawford SauvBl, Marlb., NZ

2008 Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc
Kim Crawford Wines, NZ
129 sek (ca 12 €)

Pale straw-yellow-green color. Medium intense aromas of blackcurrent leaf, gooseberry, grass on the nose. Palate is very fresh and clean, with crisp acidity. Apple, pear, gooseberry, citrus and herbal notes, with some minerality. Dry and light-medium bodied. 13% abv. Drink now.

A nice wine for seafood, sallads. I can see it as an aperitif with veggies and nice herbal dip sauces. We had it with some salmon-pasta with avocado - perfect.

(Ok, we know, I have not tasted a gazillion wines, yet, but:) So far, I have not tasted any NZ Sauvignon Blanc that did not confirm their reputation of being some of the best in the world. Clean! Crisp! Fresh! The country being big in dairy before starting wine production as late as in the 70s, was well equiped from the beginning with best stainless steel tanks, etc. They knew what 'clean' meant and it was easy for them to apply the standards on their wine industry as well. A background that I found very interesting since hearing about it for the first time...

Kim Crawford has only started in 1996 and is already today well known. They seem very good with their marketing and there are lots of activities one can join in on, like their own social-network, etc. Check out the website.

I like their slogan:
When the grape is at its peak, preserve that moment in the bottle and have it come alive in the taste. Kim Crawford wines.

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