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March 13, 2010

Twitter & Virtual Wine Tastings

Blogging brings the world to you... Through the countless good bloggers out there, I am now teaching myself how to Twitter. I thought Twitter was for celebs only, and never really got into it so far. Who should be interested in what I am doing? And am I interested in anyone to want to follow them step-by-step? Not really... BUT as I miss the wine-talk within my nearest social circles - as no one really cares enough about it (though most people like a glass of wine, of course) - it seems a good way to meet other wine lovers. Ha! I am not alone...

Twitter wine tastings: Heard about it before, but got really interested in interactive wine tastings since reading about it at the Schillerwein-blog. Go and read about it there!

So, tonight will be my premiere: I'll be trying to follow Wuertz-TV. It will be held in German and starts at 20.15 CET. The idea is obviously, to have the particular wine yourself too, so you can follow adequately and even twitter your comments. Once you get behind the secrets of the #hashtags, etc... I will have to do without the wine, as I heard too late about this and would not have been able to get the bottle in time. However, it will be a good training, even if a 'dry-run'. No! What am I saying... I have already put a bottle of NZ Sauvignon Blanc on cooling, fitting the topic somewhat, as the last virtual tasting with these people was about NZ wines...


  1. You are indeed not alone. Cheers from Washington. I will be watching as well.

  2. Christian - how fun! So we are bringing in two countries already... :-)

    Now I also got the information about these guys and their virtual tastings, they seem fun to watch, too: