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April 09, 2010

Andalusia Cueva de la Pileta

We made it to Cueva de la Pileta, in the Ronda area, and this time we managed to be part of the tour.

Amazing! After you get in through the small entrance by bending down, you stand in a rather big room. Oil lamps are being lit and off you go. We were ca 20 people in our group and had some 5 lamps with us. We walked ca 300 metres of a total of ca 3 kms. Everything pass the point where we went, can only be accessed by professionals.

However, the atmosphere was really Indiana Jones like! Only without snakes and secret codes etc. Bats we saw. The cave was big, sometimes the ceilings 50 meters high and at some ponts extremely narrow passages. Small lakes were to be found, and everywhere beautiful stalactites and stalagmites formed during thousands of years. We saw Palaeolithic paintings of horses, bulls, fish, and goats from 20.000-25.000 years ago. And others that were younger, maybe 'only' 6000 yrs. Black layers on the walls of some caves are the remains of fire, indicating where people are believed to have lived.

At the turning point, our guide would suddenly stamp with her foot on the floor beneath and we would hear an impressive rolling sound. Beneath us, the floor was a few metres thick and under that was a hollow area of 40 metres depth and a few kilometres long. That was when I was getting glad to start the walk back out towards daylight, hoping for the lights to hold and the gentleman behind me (breathing little heavy) not to collapse.

While the paintings are not as many and large as in the caves in the Bergerac area, the cave itself was stunning.

A truly interesting visit! Of course it was forbidden to take pictures...

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  1. Thank you for your post. We plan to stay at the Parador in Ronda in the fall and will now include the cave on our trip to Ronda.

  2. Thank you for letting me know! I hope you will find it interesting too and wish you a nice trip to Ronda. The bridge of Ronda is truely impressive...