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April 01, 2010

Andalusia Day 4

It is getting warmer everyday and right now we are actually sweating. Sky totally blue and clear, no or only little wind, humidity gone. We are starting to feel how the long Swedish winter is leaving our bodies.

We had breakfast with fresh eggs from local chickens and good, crispy toast. Close by is a rooster shouting and it reminds me of old times. There was always some rooster close by, it kind of belonged there. It fills up empty space and makes the surroundings sounding less sterile. However, it was amazing to learn how many different languages they speak. In Germany they say Kikeriki, but in Sweden they shout Kukeli-kuu, says my husband and the kids. Ts! And in the US they claim it sounds Cookadoodledo or how it was. Ts ts. Wonder what our Spanish amigo is shouting? Sounds perfectly German to me.

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  1. lol. It sounds like hoarse screaming to me! Glad you are enjoying! :-) Now - Nathalie - take mom's iPhone and TURN IT OFF!~