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April 03, 2010

Andalusia Half-Time

Six p.m., we are back from a nice lunch at the beach restaurant. The sun is still shining strong, a breeze makes me needing my sweater, but I enjoy it. Finally, I get an intimate moment with my iPhone and my blog. Sitting on a stone bench, pointing the phone at the wireless station inside the house some 7 metres from me. As soon as I move the connection is gone. Precious moments. Kids are playing around the pool behind me, too cool to jump in. Maybe tomorrow. However they are having fun and it is great to hear them laughing and giggling ... and
singing. Husband Lars is preparing his Canon, we are about to go on a photo tour when the light is ideal a little later. Be prepared for some nice and high quality photos once we are back and got to process them!

As for the wines I will report about. Next week we are going to visit Jerez and hopefully two bodegas there. So far we are really enjoying the Manzanilla. A dry, light Sherry style wine that comes from Sanlucar de Barrameda, by the sea. It has a wonderful nose of Almonds
and tastes of such plus is a little salty. It seduces me and I just have to have it wherever we are eating. Before the meal, with the gorgeous green olives or with salty nuts. If you see a bottle at your supermarket: buy it! Serve it chilled! I am looking forward to try all the other styles of Sherry next week. I remember trying dry Sherries first time at wine school and how it got better the darker and sweeter they got. BUT serving a Fino (or Manzanilla) the right way is a greatnew addition to the world of tastes, I promise.

Yes, and then we did the beach thing yesterday, for the kids to have some fun as they are behaving so well following us everywhere else. Did we pay 10€ for using two sunchairs for some 3 hrs at some lowkeyplace? Andalusia, that is not how to please your tourists! I
remember paying the same at some firstclass beach at St Tropez in France (my real favorite by the way).

However, we have also searched for and found the caves with paintings of 25000 yrs of age. It was too late and they were closed for that day, but we will go back there.

Kids have now jumped into the pool. Well, they are used to the Baltic Sea which is c-c-cold..

Yesterday, we also went to see one of the many Easter processions. It was set for 20:00 and by 20:45 nothing had happened, so we gave up. We were freezing and hungry. And too northern, 8 doesen't really mean 8 in Spain. It all depends.

We found a great restaurant co-owned by a Japanese girl. We had real good Japanese inspired food and felt like in Japanese-Andalusia. Manzilla was good there too, so was the Rioja. Sake we did not order. We are in Andalusia afterall!

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