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April 11, 2010

Andalusia Pictures

I am back in Sweden. We had a lovely sunny day today, spring has arrived here too!

Andalusia was a good trip. April was perhaps a bit early for a visit, the levante (easterly winds) was tough at some days, even to us who are used to winds, as we live only 1 km from the Baltic sea... However, we got to see a lot and most of all, we enjoyed the nature. The mountainous areas are really worth seeing! The Puebla Blancas (white villages) are incredibly beautiful and the roads leading up to them adventurous. We drove through white mountain areas, where we felt being alone on this planet. The beaches we saw though were not much to us, we are spoiled with our white sandy beaches up here in the north. The food was good, we never went for any real gourmet style, but enjoyed the normal average places. Totally seen, Andalusia seems a bit rough to us, traces of wars and really poor times are clearly visible. A paradise for church lovers, you can spend endless amount of time on visiting such. The autovia and autopista each following the coast line, makes it all very busy and takes away the coziness. The incredible amounts of hotels and appartment complexes make it all look rather unorganized and too cramped. But, as soon as you get a few kilometres into the country, it really opens up and gets beautiful.
I had hoped for more winery visits, but..., traveling with kids you need to adjust and I am fine. We'll be going to many other wine regions in the future, so I can be patient.

As mentioned during my posts before, we have nice photos coming. But they first have to make their way from the Canon to the Mac over to my Dell. In between, work is calling, so this might take some days... I am cheating though, and showing at least a few pictures (taken with my phone only), that are already on facebook, (so not really new) just to show a little...

Criadera 3, the top level of this solera, the very special Sherry system. This row has the youngest wine.

The row furthest down of the solera, from which the wine is taken

A small wine museum in Ronda, one of the white villages
where they offer wine tasting from the fountain

One of the countless towers along the coastline

close-up of a cork oak

Ferdinand under the oak tree - shown in Swedish TV every Christmas since many years

...he loves to smell the flowers instead of going fighting

the view from the terrace (the brown area a result from last year's fire)

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  1. Niiiiiice! I can't wait to see the great pictures. These are good. Welcome home!