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April 07, 2010

Andalusia Tourists

Blue blue sky. Sun. Sun. Sun. Not one cloud. A soft soft breeze, gently striking the skin. Summer. Now and then some big bird slowly glides through the sky, the smaller ones happily (or annoyed?) beeping in the surrounding bushes. Kids happily in and out of pool. Husband
busy with his blackberry. A chance to turn to my blog.

Tourists. We are real touries today. Nice after days of extensive car driving and site-visiting. Tonight we'll go to the little fancier restaurant Don Giovanni, see what they have to offer!

Probably the 2nd place in 10 days that has some non-Spanish wine. Not that we are seeking, just observing. You can clearly see, why Spanish wine imports are lower than i.e. Germany, which is a wine producing nation too. At the big supermarket here is a shelf 'vino
internacionale'. All we could find here was the Andalucian wines. Maybe we missread. The other shelves were filled with other Spanish wines. So it is well balanced....

However, with only two more days to go, we'll have to make up our minds about whether we want to drive 2 hrs to the Alhambra or if we rather google it later on (drinking some Sweden-bought Rioja). Talking to people at home, hearing them looking forward to 8 degrees C (!), I
dread the thought of wasting one warm day.... What puts me off, is that we have to book our visit there. Hello? Our calendars are packed when we get back, I hate to have to book while on vacation. It all depends, after all!

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