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April 23, 2010

Doktorenhof Fine Vinegars


Feel your mouth watering?

The last 5 years have been all about vinegar for me. I was having a great time importing this speciality from my home region, the Pfalz in southwestern Germany, to Sweden. And now, that I am in the process of moving back home (after 7 years in Sweden), I have just sold my business and last night all the remaining bottles and glasses were moved over to their new seller. So - now, that I am not selling them myself any longer, I can finally write about them in this blog. Not so easy to be holding back for so long....

Doktorenhof vinegars are very fine and elegant drinking vinegars made mostly of wines of Trockenbeerenauslese quality. Made to drink as an aperitif, between courses or after a nice meal. In an all natural process the wines are fermented to vinegar, which happens in old big wooden casks. After ageing in up to 10 years in small barrels, the concentration of flavours and components is unbelievably intensive. Now the vinegar is only waiting to be filled in eye-pleasing designed bottles, to finally be enjoyed in mouthblown glasses on very high foot.

Georg Wiedemann, founder and owner of Doktorenhof, has started this business almost 30 years ago and at that time this was a very innovative concept. The idea of taking best wines (instead of some bad wine or wine that had gone bad) to make such fine a vinegar that you would want to drink it! At the same time though, Georg is a man with principles and with very high traditional values. He has always been very connected and interested in history, in people and happenings that are part of our roots today. Besides, he cares about clean food, free of chemicals and ill-making substances. And last but not least, he and his wife Johanna are people with excellent taste. All of this together is reflected in every bottle of this wonderful drops.

I used the vinegars in many years before, selling them was new to me. My Swedish customers asked me lots and lots of questions about this special product, I just had to dig knee-deep into it. This is also how my tastings came to live and because of those I got to meet several thousands of really interesting and interested, fun and nice Swedish people. Wonderful! I cannot thank this people enough for how they did enrich my life in Sweden.

Journalists have called the vinegar 'explosion of flavours' and much more. And it is true: you need to taste and experience this, it is impossible to describe.

Of course, this vinegar is also used for cooking. From easy daily food up to gourmet cooking. Every dish and every cook will find countless of ways to use it. There are some 40 different flavours, from fruity over herbal to spicy and neutral. All ingredienses are real and pure. There is nothing artificial in a bottle.
Balm of figs, a sweeter version, and a dream over icecream, fruitsalad, to cheese and over machésalad, to chicken salad or just over some honey melon... you name it.

Ginger balm, definitely ginger! Two drops add wonderful spice to your dish, from soup, sallad, chicken, asian dishes over to your sweet desserts.

From sweet to stingy - all intensified by the vinegar itself, as are the dishes these drops get in contact with.

Vinegar tastings at the Doktorenhof are very popular and unique. If you get to the region, you should really make a stop there. And already now, you should look at their website to get your tastebuds stimulated.

And if you are in Sweden, you can find them here.

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