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April 14, 2010

Swedish World Best Wine Magazine on German Wines

Världens Viner (wines of the world) is a Swedish magazine that just got rewarded 'Best Wine Magazine in the World' (Gourmand World Cookbook Award). Congratulations!

And: the current issue is all about Germany and its wines. Good summary of the 13 wine regions, leading (at least some of them) wineries, wines.

The motto 'better and better wines from the wine country nearest to us'. 140 German wines available in Sweden have been tested. (A good start?)

And finally it is being recognized and stated: 'Now the quality of the red wines is increasing.' (Although that is no news)

Thank you, Karsten Thurfjell (whom I had the pleasure to meet some years ago) and colleagues, for some good work done! Prost and Skål.

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