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April 29, 2010

Torre de Falasco Amarone, Italy

2005 Torre de Falasco Amarone della Valpolicella DOC
Cantina Valpantena, Veneto Italy
ca 30 € (got it as a gift, have no exact price)

Corvina Veronese, Corvinone, Rondinella
15,4 % abv

Too much. Just too much for me. Many wine enthusiasts will love this wine.
Intensive dark red color, very intensive aromas of raisins, chocolate and plum that also reflect on the palate, together with a little bitterness. Full bodied and with soft tannins, ok acidity. A never ending finish, dominated by the alcohol.

Deep, heavy, bold. A killer. A food killer. You read tons of recommendations for this wine to serve with steak and stews, etc. I can only offer it to a nice antipasti plate, with lots of different hams and salamis. And good company, so you are distracted by nice conversations.

Amarone is a wine from the region of Valpolicella. The grapes are dried under some (ca 4) months and then fermented. When there is no sugar left, and the resulting wine is dry, it is called Amarone. Wines, where the fermentation is stopped with residual sugar are called Recioto.

Amarone is very popular in Sweden, though this one is not listed at the monopoly. We got it as a gift from some Italian business people. Nice gesture.

Cantina Valpantena is a cooperative with about 300 members and ca 600 hectars of vines. And some 150 members producing olive oils, located around Verona. Veneto lies in the north-east of Italy and is definitily on the list for 'region to visit'.

How do you like Amarone and which is your favorite?


  1. Philipp Erik Breitenfeld: (

    Gerade bei Amarone ist es wichtig, dass ein Punkt geschaffen wird. Der Alkoholgehalt dieser Veneto Cuvees ist immer sehr hoch. 17-19% sind da keine Ausnahme. Deswegen sind gute Amarone für mich die, die trotzdem eine samtige geschmeidige Struktur mit dem typischen Rosinentouch als roten Faden haben.
    Ein gut gemachter Amarone ist ein Traum, den ich aber im Winter bevorzuge.
    Eine Ausnahmekellerei im Veneto ist die Cecilia Berretta, die jährlich konstant "3 Gläser" Amarones vinifiziert...

  2. Hendrik Thoma:

    Love Allegrini! One of the most elegant I have tasted in this category! Bertani makes great wines especially when they mature they become a real beauty.