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May 25, 2010

Anura Pinotage Syrah, South Africa

2008 Anura Pinotage Syrah
Private Cellar Simonsberg Paarl
South Africa
79 sek (ca 8 €)

55 % Pinotage, 45 % Syrah
14,5 % abv.

Dark blue-red color. Intense smoky aromas with spicy tones and dark fruits and berries. Drinking it, it fills the mouth quickly and boldly, with lots of oak flavours and alcohol spreading out to every corner there might be, dark fruit accompanying. Fruit and oak tannins are firm, but still nice. Good acidity. The finish is long, but rather hot. The whole experience nothing too elegant... More of a wine 'going for it'. Calls for rustic food, like ... a t-bone-steak?

Situated in the beautiful landscape between Stellenbosch and Paarl, the winery cultivates 120 ha under vines. Read more here... I could not find this particular blend on the website...

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