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May 05, 2010

Chablis La Larme d'Or, France

2007 La Larme d'Or Chablis AC
Jean Louis Quinson, France
ca 12 € (Don't remember where I bought this! Supermarket?)

100% Chardonnay
12% abv
Lemon color with a brilliant shine. Rather light nose with mineral and citrus, green apple tones, all also found on the palate. The high acidity and medium bodied style makes this Chablis a typical version of this steely kind of wine. Great refreshment for a warm day.

The high acidity makes it a good companion to salads with nice vinaigrettes, and of course to fish and seafood dishes. A wine to drink now, won't gain from storing.

Although almost closer to the Champagne area, Chablis AC belongs to the Burgundy wine region where it is situated furthest north. The vineyards are found around the town of Chablis and the soils of this region are of chalky limestone, in certain areas (the best) covered by Kimmeridgean clay (marine fossils). The temperatures are cool, thus the Chardonnay grape (for you who did not know that Chablis actually is a Chardonnay) giving a total different result, than the siblings growing in warmer regions. The acidity is always high, some wines can even be too 'sour' for some sensitive stomaches.

Better Chablis have a mineral or smokey tone and the very best come from the very best sites. Chablis Premier Cru AC includes 40 vineyards, Chablis Grand Cru AC, the absolut top level, consists of only 7 vineyards. Here the sun exposure is, combined with the leaning angles of the sites and last but not least the perfect soils, responsible for Chablis' crème-de-la-crème. Apropos: while the higher quality wines will include oak during the process, a Chablis wine will hardly ever have lots of oak flavours.
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