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May 19, 2010

House Hunting

is fun, exhausting, exciting, disappointing, frustrating, hilarious, time consuming, butt-hurting.

You find yourself dreaming, awakening, drawing, deleting, ripping apart, learning, giving up, starting over, head shaking, up, down.

Mentally, you start decorating for next Christmas, inviting friends, deciding wines for house-warming-fest, designing the garden, greeting your neighbors, longing for the new routines.

Physically, your finger hurts from all the google Earth surfing, your neck is a mess anyway, your muscles pull each other from all the sitting-at-the-computer, your head is aching from all information, your brain is collapsing, your phone bill doing the rest.

We have sold our house in Sweden by August 1. That is when we are heading back to Pfalz, where we are currently looking for a house - did I mention?

I wonder: which wine is the one to celebrate THAT result, once you have found your new home?

Please tell me!


  1. The question is not WHAT wine. The question is HOW MANY bottles???!!!
    I think champagne, of course.
    You will find the perfect home soon. Life is an adventure, right? So it may not always be smooth, but at least it's a great ride! :-)

  2. You are right. With all of it. :-)