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May 16, 2010

Roodeberg, South Africa

2007 Roodeberg
KWV, South Africa
85 sek

Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz, 'The winemaker's secret'
14 % abv
My mother-in-law invited us for some nice meals at their cozy summer house and now was time for this wine.

For some people a cult-wine, for me an easy to drink, medium bodied red wine with a rather intense ruby red color. Aromas and flavours of red and dark berries/fruit, herbal and smoky tones. A good acidity and still moderate oak tannins, balance the fruityness. The alcohol could be a tiny bit lower, to my very own personal tastebuds.

Easy to combine with beef dishes, suitable for BBQ as well. My mother in law served it with a delicious pork dish that came with a dark mushroom sauce and it really was a fine match.

Farmor's (grandma's) famous pork with champignon sauce

60 years ago this blend was first introduced to the market and has been popular ever since (not that I should know, but that is what the internet says).
KWV used to be the co-operative controlling all wine sales of South Africa. But since its privatization it is competing with other co-ops, which together still stand for most wine produced from a total of ca 100.000 hectares under vines. Estates producing wine from their own grapes are increasing steadily, but still make the smaller part of the volumes.
To the Western Cape belongs 3 Cape wine regions and the grapes can come from any of these to be blended.

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