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May 12, 2010

Penascal Rose, Castilla Leon, Spain

2007 Penascal Rosé
Vino de la Tierra de Castilla,
Castilla - Leon, Spain
Hijos de Antonio Barceló
54 SEK (ca 5 €)

86 % Tempranillo, 14 % Shiraz
12% abv.

Our first rosé of the season (even without rosé-weather, I am afraid), this one was still in the basement from last year, where the season was over before we had opened the bottle.

In the glass, a nice light blue-red rosé color. Aromas of summer: lots of berries like strawberry and raspberry and a slint hint of herbal notes. Dry on the palate, with a little sweet tone detectable, the same fruits are showing here too. A pleasant acidity making it nicely and easily enjoyable. Light- to almost medium-bodied, a wine that is really acceptable, considered the price.

That I served it, had to do with the IForkNY girls, recommending rosé going with anything (see my post about Chili con carne). And as I was cleaning out the fridge, where I found smoked salmon and a whole camembert that was stinking away (the cheese, not the salmon), I remembered this bottle in the basement. And yes! It worked fine with both. To the salmon as the starter and also to the cheese. God that one was delicious!!! I baked it to perfection, in a crust of bread crums, the cheese inside melting away (thus having also the right texture to go with this wine), while staying cross on the outside. And the lingonberries served with the cheese, were happily dancing with the wine. All in all a good, tasty Tuesday. Plus: fridge empty (wine not yet - but will be soon)...

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