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May 12, 2010

Smells Marmalade, Tastes Marmalade, is it?

This was the first wine since blogging that was a total disappointment. While other wines sometimes can be too much backbone-dominated, this one is the total opposite, which seems worse in a way.

Smells marmalade, tastes marmalade. But is not marmalade. A very slight hint of barrel tannins plus alcohol, which can almost be perceived as 'stirred into juice'. Sorry. I hate to sound negative, like positive posts much better... Still: I cannot understand why the monopoly should take in this one, to me it is almost an insult to other, really good Californian wines... For ca 100 sek (not a 59 sek wine...), you just need to get more wine for your money.

I had bought it only to participate in a Swedish twitter tasting, which I then could not attend. So we opened it this weekend - and could not drink it. It just did not work. Usually, wine gets better with each glass. Not this one. Sorry.

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