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May 07, 2010

Terreno Chianti Classico, Italy

2007 Terreno
Greve, Chianti Classico DOCG
79 kr (ca 8 €)

90% Sangiovese, 10% Canailo
13,5 % abv

It was time to try another Chianti again. But, I am afraid, this time I am not too happy about it:

Once in the glass, it shows a dark purple-red color. I really had to put my nose far into the glass, but still: I am not picking up much there... Some vague spicyness, cherries, oak, alcohol. Drinking: njaaa - too structure-dominated. Acitidy high (which is typical and can be very nice), oak and fruit tannins pronounced, alcohol somewhat too pushy and too warm, inbetween all this some dark cherry, some oaky flavours. Rather mouth-drying experience, cannot drink this without food. Little bitter finish. No, not really my wine. Not at all a typical Chianti Classico to me.

Oh - now, when reading the website of Terreno, I see that this is a Swedish owned vineyard! How fun. The family Ruhne is owning it since 20 years. The website is all Swedish, looks almost like Italian wine for Swedes only? Don't know, but cannot find any non-Swedish information. 'Italian passion for wine, combined with Swedish environmental mission' that is one of the statements from the website. They see themselves as leading in 'wine-Italy' when it comes to environmental issues.

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