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June 18, 2010

I miss you,

my blog. I miss the quiet hours we have together... miss digging into my favorite topic: wine. And while it is not so, that we are not having a glass here and there, I just cannot find the time to sit down and write about it. All my time (and more) is currently consumed by this upcoming move of ours.

First sorting out all my business matters, even for small companies - the administrational part needs to be done. No mercy! Physically moving all items on storage to their next place and all that comes with that... (Nice though to write the invoice.)

Then having two children with masses of activities during the last weeks of school. The administration around moving them from two different schools to a new school: interesting! As are all the other matters, such as health insurance, car, cat, etc...

And the still ongoing process of trying to find a new home! Phew! Moving in Europe is not at all like moving in the U.S. Trust me. Instead of having one realtor who finds your house for you, you are in contact with about 58 different companies, who all offer a very limited number of houses or lots. It is impossible for them to work together. You need to do all the comparision yourself (once you found options after all), but first, you really need to hunt these people down. e-Mail has no meaning. Often, normal mail would not make any difference in terms of speed. However, we have been close several times, it looks like we are closer than ever just now... More about that later.

And about the move itself: it took us 4 weeks with one of the moving companies just to get a time where they could come to evaluate the capacity! Isn't that almost funny? Hahaha, I need to laugh. However, that part seems fixed now and we have chosen the transporting company (which happens to be German and is about 40% under the price of the Swedish ones we compared with...).

So! Now the days are filled with sorting closets, rooms, basement, garage. Trying to get rid of all that is not needed. Boy, what a healthy thing to do. I can feel the Feng shui already! And my back. I am good friends with the people working at the recycling station. (In fact! I should take a bottle of wine with me next time!) I really like that place, you should see it. So clean, neat and organized - I will certainly miss that one!

Dear blog, please wait for me, I'll be back. I'll be spending time with you writing about the wineries I am moving closer to. We are going to have fun - soon. Just hang in there. Please.

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  1. We'll be here....don't worry! Take your time! :-)