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July 17, 2010

Laroche Chablis 1er Cru

2007 Chablis 1er Cru
Laroche, Chablis, France
ca 22 €

100 % Chardonnay
12 % abv.

A nice wine, well suited for the warm temperatures of this wonderful summer, where we are sweating, even here in Sweden.

Showing a nice lemon color with slight, slight (barely there...) hints of green in the glass, it looks really inviting. The aromas of summer-ripened lemon are pleasant, so is the minerality, reminding of warm stones being rained on, some smoky and the slight baked-butter-nuances only adding to it... The taste of ripeness combined with the freshness through the high acidity and dryness at the same time make for a nice result of this medium-bodied white wine. There are very slight hints of oak, and the minerality give that nice 'dusty' feeling, which also remains for a while.

Nice, but does it taste like 23 €? Hm. I am not sure... Maybe I am just not a Chardonnay girl? I will need to try more different Chablis 1er Crus, to make up my mind about this...

While I do not remember, where I got this wine from, I just found it at Belvini Weinversand.

We had it with shrimps and Swedish caviar (löjrom) - not too bad!

Premier Cru is the next-best AC for Chablis wines, with ca 40 sites included. This bottle here is a mixture of grapes from different 1er Cru sites. It is the soils with famous Kimmeridgean clay, very rich in marine fossils, that give the special aromas/flavors. More about Chablis is found here.


  1. That's really interesting - over the past few weeks I had a couple of Chardonnays that I really like, but found a little too expensive for what they delivered. So far the best recent Chardonnay in terms of value came from the Pfalz...

    Thanks for sharing,
    The Wine Rambler

  2. Interesting! But not amazing. I find it ever so often, that you get a lot of value for money in the Pfalz. It is truly amazing how many nice wines you can get for 8-12 €. And if you are willing to spend 20 € and more, you are really talking... That is what puts many other wines at a certain perspective (or vice versa for a matter of fact).

    Cheers or Zum Wohl, as we say in the Pfalz.