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August 30, 2010

Biking day Deutsche Weinstrasse

this photo:
Yesterday, Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., this event took place for the 25th time. The 80 kms of Deutsche Weinstrasse (German Wine Route) are closed for all cars, trucks, and motorbikes. Allowed are only bikes, rollerblades & co. (Fantasy sets the limits... there are big vehicles, driven by 8 or ten bikers, and other curiosities to be seen.)

Every small village along the road celebrates this day with .... yes! wine of course. And to avoid dehydration while biking between the villages, there are some stands to be found here and there along the road, too. From small children to the grandparents: everyone participates. Some ride many kilometers, others don't get too far. It all depends...
Word has it, that some 300.000 people were out and about. But who should know exactly? However, the weather was not as good as in most years. Clouds and rain showers, rather heavy winds at times. We had to bike 12 kms, just to get to the Weinstrasse, and were all exhausted by the time we arrived, fighting against the winds... Good they had some Riesling-Schorle there! (If you still don't know what Schorle means, please send me a note.)

Here we are still on our way to reach the Weinstrasse, with view to
Weinbiet (weather station) and the villages Gimmeldingen/Königsbach

getting closer...

... and made it to Deidesheim.

Next year we will be living AT the Weinstrasse and thus hope to be
starting earlier and getting farther...

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  1. Great pictures! Can't wait to come visit! Maybe we'll rent a :-)