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August 27, 2010

MUNDUSvini Great International Wine Award

This morning at 8.oo a.m., the annually award (for the 10th year) was officially started. And I was there. (Nope, not tasting.) Very nicely welcomed and shown around. A press info map was handed over, so I am glad to be sharing this with you:

5883 wines from 42 countries will be tasted by a jury of 285 wine experts from 49 countries.

6 days, in the mornings from 8-12.00, professionals are evaluating the precious drops from around the world. Experts range from Master of Wine Ned Goodwin, Japan, via journalists, buyers, oenologists, sommeliers to the Professor of Sensory Studies at the University of Davis, Hildegard Heymann, USA.

Strict rules are set by the OIV (International Organisation of Vine and Wine) and the International Association of Oenologists.

While most wines come from the traditional wine countries of Europe with Germany 25%, Italy 19%, Spain 15%, France 10%, many wines come from overseas (i.e. South Africa: 215, Australia 183, USA 69). Taiwan (1), Russia (3), Jordan (!) (12) have sent in their wines for the first time. Note: no Swedish wine yet.

3082 bottles are red wine, 2093 white. Other wines are sparkling, rose, aerated, sherry, port and liqueur.

The aim is to promote the quality of wines and boost the marketing. It provides a possibility for producers to get international attention and for consumers it is a tool for orientation when buying wines of high quality. Best wines achieve Grand Gold, Gold, or Silver, number of awards is restricted to max 30% of the total wines tasted. Special awards are giving, like Importer of the Year and Producer of the Year.

So, if you see a wine with one of these awards on, you will understand a bit better what it stands for. I hope. And even if not: Cheers!

If you want to send in your wine for next year's awards and for further information, please check here

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