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August 24, 2010

Swimming in the Wine Fields

Last weekend we had up to 32° celcius, here in the Pfalz. Too warm to go walking in the wine fields or forest, so we had to be good parents and take the children to some public pool. (Well, that's what we have traded the Baltic Sea for, I guess.....) This time we decided to test the one in Deidesheim, the village where some of the most prestigeous wineries of the Pfalz are located.

Given the village's limited population of 3.600, the pool itself is naturally not as prestigeous but rather small, filling up quickly (with people, I mean). However! Really wonderful about it is, that it is surrounded by vines! You virtually lie in between the vineyards, with the hills of the Haardt mountain as a frame in the back. Truly cute! Too bad, we decided to leave our phones at home and thus the cameras... So all I can offer for now is the pictures from the official website.

1 comment:

  1. How fun! It isn't QUITE the Baltic Sea, but very nice! Hope you all enjoyed it! :-)
    Now, if they could just bring you a glass of wine while you are taking a break from swimming! :-)