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August 01, 2010

Winefest in Forst, Weinstrasse

For one week we have now been living here in the Pfalz. Our house in Sweden is sold and all furniture is on storage until our new house in one of the small villages here is built. After all the packing and organizing we finally took a well deserved break. Today we visited the winefest in Forst. 29° C, with a little breeze. Perfect weather! Nice to be home.
We totally enjoyed strolling through the old street, lined with wineries. Most of them open during the entire weekend, selling wine and food and entertaining guests with music and bands. A wonderful relaxed atmosphere! Lots of figtrees, oleander bushes, wisterias and of course vines adding to the special flair.

Oyster bar

Bratwurst, Steaks (grilled over wood from vines)
people lining up for Crepes....

The little but famous village of Forst is situated between Deidesheim to the south and Bad Dürkheim to the north. The early beginnings date back to 1100 and still today only about 850 people live in this picturesque place. The center of the village is one street of ca 1200 m length. Around the village some of the most famous vineyardsof the Pfalz are found, like i.e. Kirchenstück, Freundstück, Ungeheuer, Pechstein und Jesuitengarten. A total of ca 175 hectares are under vines, of which ca 90% is Riesling. This and more info:

At VDP Weingut Acham-Magin we enjoyed some food and a (dry) Riesling-Schorle. Schorle= wine mixed with mineralwater. So good, light and refreshing!


  1. PS: I think I should mention, that it is rather common to drink a Schorle out of a 0,5 liter (= Schoppen) glass. Often that glass is reached around. Not everybody likes that! I personally avoid the 'Schoppenglas', as it is called. I drink my Schorle out of a 0,25 l glass - like the one on this photo.

    And of course you can order wine and sekt in corresponding glasses! So no worries... There is the right glass for every winefest guest in the Pfalz.

    Zum Wohl.

  2. Well, welcome to Germany! (Says the man who has had limited Pfalz experience...)
    The Wine Rambler