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September 02, 2010

Ortega 2010

My first sip of this year's wine: Ortega. Sweet, very yeasty. Called 'neuer Wein' , Federweisser, Bitzler. This one here came in that morning, so really, it is still grape juice. The yeasts are working already though and the wine changes almost by the hour. Everyday it will be less sweet and stronger in alcohol. That way, there is a new wine to every taste.
As of today, the temperatures are still too high, it needs to be a bit more cooler and fall-ish, for me to like to drink this wine (I only asked for a sip to be able to take the photos for you, since I was not buying either...). But, of course, just as with all other consumer products, everyone tries to be the first, so already now you can go and enjoy this year's wine.

However, that I am writing about it now, is more out of the curiosity of where it was served:
At the entrance of the local supermarket. That is of course nothing at all curious to us in Germany. People pass it - and hardly even notice it. But to me, just back from Sweden, this is something very attention-catching!

I start giggling (although I am all by myself), just by the thought how much fuzz this would create in front of a Swedish supermarket. Seems like a great joke for candid camera to me! Of course, it wouldn't happen, because it is simply forbidden to sell alcohol outside the monopoly and to sell wine on the parking lot - that would have about the same touch as selling cocaine here. Funny world?

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