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September 20, 2010

Schloss Deidesheim Gutsausschank Dr Kern

This is where we spent a nice evening the other night: Gutsausschank Dr Kern, Schloss Deidesheim. It had been some 15 years, since my last visit - so it was fun to return. Especially now, that I have come to know the owner Stefanie Kern, since our children attend the same school.
It is unclear when exactly the original castle was built, first documentary evidence relates to a reception taking place end of 1200. What once was built as a water castle, was destroyed in 1689, during the War of Palatinate Succession, when almost all of Deidesheim was burnt down. In the 1700s, a new castle was built - only to once again be destroyed, this time by the French revolutionary army. As a consequence out of the secularization, the area and remains were auctioned by several individuals. Among them was Mr Goerg, who in 1804 and 1817 built two wineries for his sons on the areal he had bought. 
Mr Goerg is an ancestor of Stefanie and she took over the restaurant after her parents. For the last 50 years, food and wine have been served in these rooms, where lots of antiques can be found. Looking at some of the inventory, I wished they could tell me a story of things they have witnessed...
(Every table was occupied, my picture was done before the guests arrived.)

The wine menu concentrates on two wineries: Forster Winzerverein and Bassermann-Jordan and includes some own wines from Schloss-Deidesheim. An excellent way to try some local wines in a very relaxed atmosphere. AND to buy home, if you'd like. (Again, I am thinking of Sweden...)
In the glass: Bassermann-Jordan Riesling Kabinett trocken. Deidesheimer Kieselberg. Wonderfully, dry, elegant wine with nice acidity, minerality, and aromas of apple and white stone fruit. Really like it.
Grilled feta cheese
The food ranges from smaller dishes, like fresh salads over meat dishes to the traditional local 'Pfälzer Kost'. Which you should not choose when on a diet where you are still are afraid of fats. But for those of us, who have moved on to 'high fat plus protein, less-to-no carbohydrates', this works just fine (if you skip the mashed potatoes) (which you can't because they are so good)! That is what I took:
Bratwurst, Saumagen, Leberknödel, Sauerkraut, Kartoffelbrei
(more about this in some other post....)
To read more about the castle and Deidesheim, read here.
To book your table, click here.

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